The Fernhurst News is a community magazine distributed free throughout the parish. It carries relevant information and news from local organisations and councils.

It is funded by advertising and flyer revenues. Advertisements are generally accepted for a full year, starting with the March issue although there are occasions through the year when we will accept further advertisements, one off or ongoing. We also distribute flyers with  the magazine and also offer inclusion of 4 centrefold pages. Click here for advertising rates.

The Fernhurst News is published 10 times a year (combined issues for December / January and for July / August). Additional copies are available in the Post Office and Fernhurst Centre for those not receiving a copy through the door (e.g. some outlying roads).

We are grateful to local volunteers who produce content for each issue and to those who deliver it throughout the parish at the beginning of the month.

If there are any issues which you think are pertinent to the parish and would be of interest, the Editorial Committee would be happy to hear from you. The Editorial Committee  takes no responsibility for the views and accuracy of the contributors' articles. Editorial policies are available on request.

For publication and further advertising information please contact Marion at
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