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Captain Fantastic    Saturday 13th May in the Village Hall                         Starring: Frank Langella                        Doors open 7pm, film starts 7.30pm
     Duration 1hr 58 mins  Rated: R

In the mould of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, a super-dad determined to raise his kids on his own terms, takes his family on a road trip.
Viggo Mortensen plays Ben, a man who has taken his family into the wilds to live the "good life". However, when their absent mother Leslie (played by Trin Miller) dies, their world is completely rocked. Although initially reluctant, Ben loads up the family bus and the group head off to New Mexico for "Operation: Rescue Mother".

The predictable clash of cultures is pulled off with real flair. A trip to a diner, a supermarket and a tussle with a traffic policeman are all managed with wit, and there are some great comic moments. Things become markedly more serious when they arrive at the funeral where they have to confront Leslie's parents (played by Frank Langella and Ann Dowd) and the possible fact that their lifestyle is no longer sustainable in a modern world.

Captain Fantastic’ is a slickly made comedy with a witty, politically articulate script. The children are very funny and Viggo Mortensen truly shines, giving a performance full of grace and depth as he begins to recognise possible flaws in his plan.  The moments of self-realization are stunning. 
This is a beautiful and uplifting film that won acclaim at both Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals.