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The Edge of Heaven
Saturday 9th March 2019
in the Village Hall
Doors open 7pm, film starts 7.30pm
Duration 2hrs 2mins  Rated: 15
English subtitles
The film begins in Germany with Turkish immigrant Ali, a retired widower visiting a brothel where he meets Yeter, a beautiful Turkish woman working as a prostitute. Taken with her charms and pleased to be speaking his native tongue, Ali asks her to move in with him.
Initially, his son Nejat, a successful academic, seems disapproving about his father's choice for a live-in girlfriend.     But he grows fond of her when he discovers she sends money home to Turkey so her daughter can study economics and find a better life.   Yeter's sudden accidental death distances father and son. Nejat travels to Istanbul to search for Yeter's daughter Ayten.  While in Istanbul, he falls in love with a German bookshop that is up for sale and, being a professor of the language, he buys it.
Meanwhile, the political activist daughter has fled the Turkish police and is already in Germany, where she is befriended by a young woman, Lotte, who invites her to stay in her home.   When Ayten is arrested and imprisoned in Turkey,  Lotte travels in the hope of freeing her and becomes a German ex-patriot in Istanbul. Attracted by the German books, she goes to the bookstore and meets Najet, who offers her a room.    When Lotte visits her friend in jail, Aynet asks her to find the hidden gun and fate takes another turn. 
The Edge of Heaven is a fable of six interwoven lives; a beautiful and enrapturing story about a world in transition and both the closeness and unbridgeable divides between generations and cultures.   It doesn’t have the average Hollywood-solution, but it will leave you with a lot to think about when the credits start running.