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Juliet, Naked
Saturday 11th May 2019
in the Village Hall
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne
and Chris O’Dowd
Doors open 7pm, film starts 7.30pm Duration 1 hr 37 mins
Rated: R
Duncan is a lecturer in a 3rd-rate college in a forgotten English sea-side town. He also runs the fan-club of a once popular American singer-songwriter called Tucker Crowe, who disappeared 20 years ago after releasing an album called ‘Juliet’.   One day a CD arrives of early versions and outtakes of the songs on the album, called ‘Juliet, Naked’.   Duncan’s long-suffering girlfriend, Annie, writes a critical review of the disc on Duncan’s blog, eliciting a talkback from Tucker Crowe himself.  Their email relationship will grow into something more serious.
Although there are romantic comedies on the subject of music and midlife perspective, this one proves even more eloquent and engaging.   It’s not just a film about finding love; it’s also about discovering the difference between a fan’s rose-coloured glasses and reality.
‘Juliet, Naked’ is one of the best adaptations of a Nick Hornby novel since ‘About a Boy’.   The film is deliciously funny and full of clever twists.   An intelligent and witty ‘rom-com’, but devoid of the unrealistic mush and manipulative plot tricks typical of the genre.
Good story, authentic acting, a meaningful movie with lots of funny moments sprinkled in, it’s a delight designed to make you smile.