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La La Land
Saturday 25th November in the Village Hall
Stars:   Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone
Doors open 7pm, film starts 7.30pm Duration 2hrs 8mins  Rated: PG-13
This multi Oscar winning film, tells the story of two LA dreamers, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts.
As the film starts, Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) find themselves in a traffic jam, where drivers start jumping out of their cars to joyously sing and dance. This wondrous scene, which received a deserved round of applause at the Venice Premiere, tells us what kind of film to expect: a musical that’s set in the exasperating present day, but which has its heart in the harmonious past. Mia is a brilliant, vivacious playwright who moved to Hollywood years ago, but the closest she has been to the movie business is working in a Warner Bros backlot canteen.
Sebastian is just as far from where he wants to be. A jazz obsessive, he longs to open a nightclub where he can improvise on the piano while wearing tailored three-piece suits, but instead he has to plod through Christmas songs for an unforgiving  restaurant owner. (JK Simmons)
An observatory, a boulevard, a bridge, a downtown trolley, all provide locations in “La La Land”.  They are iconic yet unnamed, and it is the sum of such locations that so effectively create the city of Los Angeles.
An original musical about everyday life exploring the joy and pain of pursuing dreams, “La La Land” is a dazzling musical experience and a modern day classic appealing to all ages.