Saturday 9th May 2020
in the Village Hall
Doors open 7pm, film starts 7.30pm
Duration 1hr 37 mins Rated: PG

In 1989, the first ‘all-woman crew’ sail in the Whitbread Round the World Race, a grueling, nearly year-long race that took competitors from Southampton to Uruguay,  Australia, New Zealand and America, before returning to the UK.
‘Maiden,’ a terrific film about the historic event, takes its name from the women’s boat, skippered by an indomitable 24 year old, Tracy Edwards.   As the prime narrator, Tracy makes a candid, charismatic protagonist, playing down the superhuman physical demands of the race of 33,000 nautical miles. ‘Maiden’ is not just a ripping yarn but a meaningful one.  The film benefits from a wealth of visual images obtained by Director, Alex Holmes, to convey its amazing story.  
Through determination, Tracy Edwards found work as a cook on charter sailboats and after being refused a position on any boat in the Whitbread, she vowed to put her own crew together and set out to find financing.  She eventually found a backer, whose identity is another astounding fact that makes ‘Maiden’ a surprising and gripping tale.
‘Maiden’ is a classic David and Goliath tale and even at its most visceral and exciting, it’s the emotion at the story’s core, and the higher principles at work, that make it transcendent.  The ocean’s always trying to kill you”, says Tracy matter-of-factly.  Fortunately, the ocean didn’t kill Tracy Edwards and her crew; it made them stronger.   And the story of Maiden’s epic voyage makes us feel stronger too