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The Party
Saturday 13th October 2018
in the Village Hall
Doors open 7pm, film starts 7.30pm Duration 71 mins  Rated: 15
The story of 'The Party' was unbeknownst to us upon viewing of the film.   All we knew was that it was directed by British Auteur Sally Potter and starred Kristen Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall and Cillian Murphy; and this is the extent of context divulged here since it is better to watch this film knowing very little about its narrative.
Although simplistic in its basic story, underneath 'The Party' is a short, snappy, satirical view on the modern day socio-political climate. It paints the modern system of politics as ineffective at implementing change, suggesting a more immediate method is required in this day and age to keep up with such a rapidly changing world. The film succeeds and does this effectively through brilliantly witty dialogue.
'The Party' is a savagely funny and an incredibly humorous, satirical take on modern day society's political landscape as well as the hypocrisy of 'polite society' and its bloated sense of self-righteousness.    'The Party' is a highly entertaining film with a punchy message that really sticks with you after you've left the theatre: indecision is the face of modern day politics, and that desperately needs to change.
The film was shot at the same time as the Brexit referendum was taking place.   It sheds light on the bourgeois society tearing itself apart, but what is surprising is how funny it is - lots of papercut sharp dialogue, people snapping at each other in ways that are laugh out loud funny.   Itís brittle, intelligent stuff, like Pinter crossed with Feydeau farce, and a great hit at the 2017 Berlinale.