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Saturday 14th October in the Village Hall
Doors open 7pm, film starts 7.30pm Duration 2hrs 6 mins  Rated: R
One week before his friend Jack is to be married, best man Miles (Paul Giametti) and the prospective groom head off to the California wine country for a week of fun, relaxation and of course, wine.   Miles does his best to teach Jack (Thomas Hayden Church) a bit about appreciating great wine. However, all Jack cares about is drinking and carousing, something he accomplishes when he meets the attractive Stephanie at one of the vineyards.   Miles, a high school English teacher yet to get over the fact that his wife has divorced him and that she has remarried, meets Stephanie's friend Maya.
What happens between Miles and Maya is the stuff of the movie, but one scene stands out above all others for its gentle and heartbreaking poignancy. They're talking about wine. He describes for her the qualities of the pinot noir grape that most attract him, and as he mentions its thin skin, its vulnerability, its dislike for being too hot or cold, too wet or dry, she realizes he is describing himself; and that is when she falls in love with him.
The film really works as a whole because of its honesty, a powerful and rare thing in film making. The quality of the script and the subtlety of the performances really elevate “Sideways” far above the average comedy.  Admired by critics and a box office hit ($72 million domestically), it launched its stars' careers (Giamatti, Church, Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh).
“Sideways” is classic vintage comedy that, like a good bottle of wine, just gets better with age.  You don’t need to know anything about wine or even California to enjoy this Oscar and multi award-winning brilliant film and it really will make you laugh.