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Theresa's Summer Gardening notes

This is not the time to go away on holiday if one wishes to reap the harvest of oneís hard work in the vegetable patch.  I plant about 300 onion sets per year as I use one on most days for cooking, both red and white varieties. But why do some go to seed before they are big and fat enough to gather?

Early and continuous picking will ensure perpetual cropping, and also make more space for direct sowing and planting - for example rocket, lettuce, raddish, spring onions and beetroot.

My soft fruit appears to have produced well this year, maybe because I now have a proper fruit cage.  It is the result of having to house my chickens under cover over the bird flu spell when they had to be kept in rather than roaming free.  I subsequently planted it up with strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blue berries and black currants.

This year I am determined to catch my courgettes at the right time.  Why is it that one day when you look they are too small and the next day they appear to be the size of marrows?

My sunflowers have been a huge (literally!) success this year, maybe because we reduced some trees to let in more light and sun.  The beneficial effect is apparent on the other plants too.

Now itís time to sit , relax and enjoy!