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Louise's Gardening Notes for..................
It has been a long time coming but Spring is finally making a break through. The forecast is now for a few days of glorious weather just as schools and work start back after the Easter break.

I have a very crowded table of seedlings all waiting patiently to be potted on. They are currently taking over the kitchen as my greenhouse has been too cold. Seeds which germinated in days in a heated propagator have failed to do anything in the greenhouse despite being nestled inside polystyrene trays. I suspect they may just have rotted rather than germinated in the cold. The next critical stage is to pot them on. Careful handling of just the leaves rather than the delicate roots or stems at this stage is vital, as is not letting them get too long and lanky. The benefit of a cool kitchen helps to prevent this.

As May progresses I will be sowing both climbing and French beans. Again I will start these off on a window ledge inside as otherwise I find the mice eat the seeds. I am going to try with some chickpeas that I got from our Speaker Paolo. I am a bit concerned that these also seem very popular with mice so I hope I manage to grow at least enough for one pot of home made humous.
I will also direct-sow some hardy annuals. This means sowing the seeds direct into the ground where they are to flower. This year it will be zinnias, cornflowers, calendula and cosmos. These all produce prolific flowers, they look great growing in the garden and also last well as cut flowers.

I also intend to get up very early one morning soon, maybe 4.00am to hear the Dawn chorus at its peak. The first Sunday of May is International Dawn Chorus Day. Male birds will be singing their hearts out to attract a mate and to establish their territories. I am not yet fantastic at recognizing different bird songs but I do intend to learn more. On the days when I canít manage such an early start I shall be sitting outside at dusk to hear the birds.

Hope you too enjoy your garden.