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Gardening Notes for

I just love March! So much to look forward to in the garden but donít get caught out, as I have in the past, there is still plenty of time to lose seedlings and young plants to frost unless you are lucky enough to have a heated greenhouse.

Iím really enjoying all those Spring bulbs I planted in the Autumn. I still have no idea what will be at their best for the Spring show.

My potatoes have been Ďchittingí nicely and will go in the ground as close to St Patrickís day as possible. Iíve planted nearly 300 red and white onion sets in plug trays. I find it gives them a better start. I plant them out when they are established, therefore less likely for those fresh green shoots to be tweaked out by the birds!

I always buy far too many seeds I canít resist those pictures of pretty flowers and fresh looking vegetables on packets.

From now on, my utility room turns into a greenhouse/potting shed, until I have the real things.  Broad beans are already showing in their seed trays - you either love them or loath them I hear you say! I sow beetroot in plug trays too, then I can plant them nicely spaced for room to grow.

Iím sowing lots of flowers too.  Giant sunflowers, some Iím trying from seeds Iíve saved, some from a fresh new packet for backup. Calendular, nasturtiums, poppies and I can never have enough sweetpeas, sowing some in pots and some directly in flowering position.

The fruit cage needs attention now. The chickens have been in there, scratching out some weeds, now I have to finish weeding in between the strawberry plants. Spread horse manure, compost or chicken manure around raspberries, gooseberry bushes and currants. Manure around other fruit trees too.
Now is the time to divide perennial herbs and sow more hardy ones. Once snowdrops have finished flowering, they can be divided while leaves are still green before they die down.

Soon, when itís a little dryer we may be able to do the first mow to tidy up the lawn(s).

Oh happy days! The evenings are getting longer.