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Louise's Gardening Notes for..................

Still hoping I have not left it too late to sow some cosmos seeds.  These are annual flower that will keep flowering till the first frosts with a simple open flower in shades of white to pink.  They are very prolific flowerers and make great cut flowers.  Maybe they will be ready to flower late September if I am lucky.

After all the windy weather of May/June my unstaked garden is looking a bit dishevelled.  I need to go out and deadhead urgently.  I have had fantastic lupins flowering for weeks and hopefully with a bit of harsh cutting back there will be more flowers to come.  The more you remove old flowers, generally, the more new flowers will be produced on many summer plants. Roses seem to be doing really well this year, despite the wind.  Maybe it is too windy for green fly to move in and settle.

Do keep an eye on anything newly planted especially if the rain deluges stop.  Even plants that ultimately like dry conditions need well watering until they have settled in.

From now till September is a good time to keep clipping any topiary to keep the outlines well defined.  I have a very overgrown box ball which may turn into something artistic, or failing that just a smaller version of itself.  To save time when clipping place an old sheet or newspaper so you can gather up the clippings easily.

My courgette with its vertical stake is in position and growing.  I shall be tying it up regularly using an old pair of tights to allow for some flexibility as the stems are quite fragile.  I know a few people who are trying to grow them vertically so watch out for bumper crops of courgettes soon.

I have eaten my first crop of delicious strawberries and am on the lookout for my mange tout and peas.  Delicious eaten raw, if they donít actually make it to the pot.  Peas and beans will be racing up their supports, donít forget to pinch out or cut off the tops of the plants once they get too tall to pick.  As with flowers the more you pick the more will form, but if you leave pods unpicked the plant will shut down and stop producing as it has created its seed for next year.

If you are growing dahlias, limit the growing stems to 5 and cut away more than that.  This will create a stockier, healthier plant with hopefully prolific flowers.

Enjoy your garden.