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Gardening Tips Month by Month
Top  jobs this month
There are lots of jobs to do in the garden this month, here are our top four:

Divide your herbaceous perennials. This will keep your plants healthy and vigorous year after year and multiply your stock.

Net ponds now before autumn leaf fall gets underway to reduce the amount of debris entering the water.

Clean out cold frames and greenhouses ahead of autumn sowing and growing.

Plant spring-flowering bulbs now, such as daffodils, crocus and hyacinths, for glorious colour next year.
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The intention of this piece is to introduce a monthly series of helpful advice for people with gardens which will both give them some structure in their gardening and growing activities but, more importantly, to help with the psychological issues we are now all having to deal with during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This aspect of the series is a result of the gardening wisdom shared in a new book ĎThe Well Gardened Mindí by Sue Stuart-Smith published this month by William Collins.

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Sharing your memories of others - we are asking for your pictures of a flower, plant or garden that reminds you of a loved one or situation you're missing seeing during lockdown (or anytime) and tell us why that plant makes you think of them.  Click here to see those memories.
More about the book
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Efficient/easy to use gardening equipment -  recommended by one of our members.
Felco classic secateurs.  They also make them for left handlers.

Darlac Heavy duty anviI ratchet loppers. Long reach tree pruner. They are awesome

Draper stainless steel hand fork and trowel. Donít buy cheap ones they bend.

Wilkinson sword ultra light single handed grass shears. Great for fine finishing lawn edges and topiary.

Sandvic/ Bahco small folding pruning saw. Very useful piece of kit when the branch is too large for the loppers.

Stihl cordless hedge trimmer. Amazing piece of kit. At last I can cut thru branches 1Ē+ and not have to worry about cutting an electric     cable. Itís light weight ,smaller battery lasts 144 minutes. ,donít need to wear ear defenders.

Stihl also make cordless leaf blowers, brush cutters,strimmers and chainsaws and many others. The batteries are interchangeable.