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Spring / Summer 2020 and everything is growing well in our gardens.....
Louise's Mayan Rose and Valor potatoes chitting and to be planted in her new no dig bed.  Plus sprouting peas and peppers and a wonderful display of seed heads.
Not just bulbs but wonderful views too from Lesley
A riot of colour with bulbs and hellebores from our Chairman, Theresa
and from Fiona who says, the daffodils are definitely something she would have put in the show and also the Hellebores.  The photo of the Skimmia doesn't really do it justice because the scent is incredible and it is absolutely buzzing with bees.
Beauty among the rocks from Lynn on Marley
And something very different from Tessa (Royal Icing Expert) The poppy arrangement is made from wafer paper (rice paper) and the roses from sugar flower paste.

Everything looking good in Christine's garden in Vann Bridge Close - including her Broad Beans
Beautiful hellebores from Amanda and she is getting help in her garden from her three hens,  Holly, Amber and Fern.
Beautiful soft colouring from Sally.
Some surprise rhubarb in Marion's garden!
Rich pickings from Lesley
An abundance of Camillia's from Lorna
Anemone nemorosa in a trough and the rose arch 'waiting for the roses' but with cherry blossom making a timid appearance from Lucia
and more from Lucia -  Carmen, one of the camelias, an amelanchier, a cherry, and the magnolia
Lovely hellebores from Aphra