Horticultural Society

Sharing your memories of others - we are asking for your pictures of a flower, plant or garden that reminds you of a loved one you're missing seeing or maybe an event or get together during lockdown (or any other time) and tell us why that plant makes you think of them / it.. 
This is a coffee flower - reminding me of all the lovely people we serve coffee to in the Fernhurst Centre - Pauline
Apple blossom , reminds me of picnics shared with friends -Louise
The Fernhurst Societies annual Bluebell walk - Christine
reminding me of my father who trained a Nelly Mosa to cover the back of our house every year. - Mavis
Missing seeing our grandsons for any length of time. Leo, 9 years, made this sign for us including the sawing, sanding, screwing and pyrography, new skills learned while home-schooling. Mavis
The yellow climber (name unknown) was given to Angela by Sally Sweet! It has never stopped flowering - all through the winter and right up to the present day, so has been a constant memory of her to me. It is surrounded by ‘Forget me nots too at the moment ! Very special!
I guess we are all missing the prospect of Revels and our wonderful plant stall. I know I am and I am sure everyone is hoping that it can go ahead in September as planned. So, as a reminder of the real treasures to be found, above are a few pictures of the wonderful plants that Gill, our President,  has bought from our stall in the last few years. Everyone a bargain!!

Here’s to our next plant stall whenever it is.