A Hole in the Ark

Mr & Mrs Noah and their family were sailing in the ark
The animals had been fed and watered and now it was getting dark,

Noah suddenly saw a tiny hole, the water was coming through,
“Oh dear, oh dear”, cried Mrs Noah, “whatever shall we do?”

“I know,” said Noah, “I’ve had a thought, now tell me, do you suppose
It would be a good idea to fetch the dog, he could stop up the hole with
his nose”

The poor little dog, he did his best but the water was getting no lower,
“You must put your elbow in the hole” said her husband to Mrs Noah.

But poor Mrs Noah’s elbow wasn’t nearly large enough,
“O.K.” said Noah “I know what to do, but it’s going to be rather tough”

And so he sat upon the hole, the freezing water he braved,
Because of Noah’s heroism all the animals were saved.

And now you know the reason - it’s true - I’m not a liar,
Why a dog’s nose is cold, a woman’s elbow is cold, and men stand with their backs to the fire.

hole in ark