A Poem for Two Special People
There was a rumour flying around,
I’m sure I heard it said
That our dear Thelma and Peter
Had decided to get wed.

You only had to look at them
To know that the rumour was right,
They radiated happiness,
Their love had taken flight.

Poets write of love’s young dream,
But here’s the living proof
That love can come in later years,
It doesn’t belong to youth.

The seventeenth of April
In the year two thousand and ten
Was the date that they had chosen
To declare their love before men.

Thelma looked so beautiful
And Peter was so smart,
Whatever life might throw at them
You knew they’d never part.

Their wedding was a day of bliss
They’d obviously made the right choice,
A day on which to celebrate,
To thank God and rejoice.

So now we wish them happiness,
With all that they desire,
May they have long and peaceful lives,
And love that will not tire.