Auntie Flo
Auntie Floís taken up line-dancing
What possessed her I canít tell,
As sheís never known her right from her left
She imagines sheís doing well.

She does get her legs in a tangle
Goes forward when supposed to go back,
Got twisted round her neighbour
And went down with an awful smack.

She canít keep in time with the music
And complains that itís much too loud,
The rest of the team donít say too much
After all, theyíre a decent crowd.

But the leader did ask me last week,
In a very tactful way,
If I could possibly persuade Aunt Flo
To quietly go away.

Iíve thought about it long and hard
And wondered, with a shiver,
If I should suggest that the Rowing Club
Took her out upon the river.

aunty flo