Weíre not going to let the credit crunch
Spoil our delicious Christmas lunch.
So throw out the papers,
Switch off the news,
Bring out the crackers,
And stock up on the booze.

Donít listen to the Chancellor or our Prime Minister,
I think they both look rather sinister,
Open your heart,
Open your purse,
Donít get in the dumps,
Thereís nothing worse.

So go out and buy your presents with glee,
Invite the family round for tea,
Ignore the doom-mongers,
And donít get huffed,
Like the turkeys
They should all be stuffed.

Start the day with a great burst of laughter,
Then you can cope with whatever comes after.
A fortune on cards
You donít have to spend,
At Christmas time
Everyone is your friend.

If you feel a bit low, perhaps full of doubt,
Just remember what Christmas is all about.
Enjoy our show
And give us a cheer,
And with your bad luck
Weíll be back next year.