Eating Habits
My delight on a Friday night
Is a plate of fish and chips
With plenty of salt and vinegar
Really makes me lick my lips.

A MacDonald's quarter-pounder
With a bucket of French fries,
Is one of the things I love to see
When put before my eyes.

A packet of crisps for breakfast,
A take-away for lunch,
To alleviate afternoon boredom
On a chocolate bar I munch.

Three sugars in my tea please,
I like it nice and sweet,
And half a dozen biscuits
As an extra special treat.

And later in the evening
As I slouch in front of the telly,
Two packets of salted peanuts I'll eat
To fill up the hole in my belly.

But when I look in the mirror
I really want to cry,
I don't understand why I'm so fat,
Perhaps someone can tell me why.