Genesis - Making the Animals
When God made the camel He was having his tea,
A pot of Earl Gray and toast within reach,
"Hm, one hump or two, I can't quite decide,
"To solve the problem, I'll make one of each."

The two foot giraffe said "I'll just stretch my legs"
He forgot to stop and looked very odd,
"Oh dear, you need to be balanced up,
"I'll stretch your neck as well" said God.

"This very large animal has a horn on his nose
"He looks extremely preposterous,
"I think he should have a very grand name,
"Something like rhinosterous

"I've made the Arctic awfully cold,
"This beast will need a fur coat to wear,
"It's large and ferocious and lives near the Pole,
"So I think I'll call it a polar bear."

"I'm not quite sure what this creature is,
"It looks as if it could roar and rant,
"With a big long trunk and a silly little tail,
"What else could it be but an elephant."

"Making these large animals is very hard work"
God said,"I must make some to fit in my hat."
So He fashioned a mouse, a couple of ants,
A gerbil, a louse, a vole and a cat.

When He looked in his book to see what was left
He discovered there were pages and pages,
"I'll never get all these done in time,
"It'll take me ages and ages."

He worked all day as fast as He could,
Beginning to be filled with woe,
"I'll try to get finished by the end of the day,
"Only three thousand more to go."