Harvest Festival 2010

Our Harvest Festival in two thousand and ten
Will not be as described by Betjeman,
No heaps of juicy plums and pears
Will decorate the pulpitís stairs,
Around the font no ears of corn;
It stands there looking so forlorn.
Where are the carrots and marrows and beans?
The piles of fresh and healthy greens?
No freshly baked bread upon the altar
Alongside the long-forgotten psalter.

The harvest gifts are now so strange,
Thereís been a quite remarkable change.
There are tins of soup, of beans, of ham,
There are packets of biscuits and jars of jam.
Thereís soap and tea and shaving cream,
It really all seems most extreme.
But all these gifts will do some good
To the lonely, the hungry, the misunderstood,
With them our gifts we now can share
In Chichesterís shelter with love and care.