Looking on the Bright Side
A group of old age pensioners
Were sitting in their rest home,
As usual they were discussing their aches and pains,
They were having a right royal moan.

Said Bert, “My arms are really so weak,
I can scarcely lift my cup.”
Said Harold, “My cataracts are dreadful,
I can’t see to lift the cup up.”

“My arthritis is bad,” said Joe with a groan,
“It’s stiffened up my neck,
I can’t turn my head to the right or the left,
I feel an awful wreck.”

“You know that I’ve always been active,” said Flo,
“On the go every day, keeping busy,
But those blood pressure pills that I now have to take,
Are making me terribly dizzy.”

“But that’s the price of growing old,
You only feel half alive.”
“Let’s look on the bright side,” piped up Dot,
“At least we’re still able to drive.”
Bright side