Noah's Gold Mine

My name is Mrs Noah
My husband’s a bit of a pain,
The clouds are looking black, says he
I think it’s going to rain.

So what? says I, a drop of rain
Is what the crops all need,
If they don’t grow this year
, says I,
Next year we’ll have no seed.

I’ve just had a message from God
, says he
There’s going to be a flood,
It’s going to rain for forty days,
I must start collecting some wood.

I’m going to build an ark, says he,
A great big wonderful boat,
Our family will all be saved
, he says,
’Cos we’ll all be afloat

God says we’ve got to get together
All the animals in twos,
And that’s your job,
Noah says to me,
So it’s no good getting the blues.

Well, we all worked our socks off,
Noah, the boys and me,
We managed to get the boat finished,
Went on board and had our tea.

It rained and rained for forty days
It wasn’t looking great,
And then it took another six months
For the water to abate.

We’d got two of all the animals,
Just like we’d been told.
After all those weeks the compost we’d got
Was worth its weight in gold.

We landed on Mount Ararat,
But the problem that we found,
There was no-one to sell the compost to
‘Cos everyone was drowned

Noah's gold mine