Ode to Tommy
Thereís a little white Westie in Farnham
And Tommy is his name,
Heís got one thought inside his head
That life is all a game.

ďTheyíve been and put me in the bath,
Itís long and high and wide,
But as soon as theyíve got me nice and dry
Iím going to go outside.

The gardenís just been freshly dug,
Iím sure I saw a mole,
Now I will get my paws to work
And dig a great big hole.

Theyíre going to take me for a walk,
I know itís getting dark,
But they wonít see what Iím rolling in
At the far side of the park.

Thereís a monster living in our house,
Itís called an Ďironing boardí,
Iíll bite its legs off, yes I will,
Although I might get gored.

There is one thing that scares me stiff,
Iím telling you no lie,
Iíd rather face a fearsome lion
That a tiny little fly.

I know that I can be a pest
And not do what Iím told
But I donít think they would swap me
For a great big bag of gold.Ē