Ode to a Greengrocer
Do you want any apples or juicy pears,
A banana, some plums or a peach?
Perhaps if youíre feeling hungry
You might like some of each.

Potatoes, carrots and cabbages,
There are vegetables galore,
Maybe a swede or a butternut squash,
Just walk in through the door.

Do you fancy a nice fresh salad for lunch?
Lettuce, tomatoes and beet,
A tasty green pepper to give it a tang,
All clean and ready to eat.

In season something exotic,
Asparagus, star fruit, fresh dates,
Canít you just picture them all piled up
On your favourite best china plates.

Well, you know where to go in Fernhurst
To obtain all these lovely delights,
To Steve in his truly magical shop,
His name should be put up in lights.