On taking a Dog to the Cinema
My brother took his dog to the pictures,
He said he was getting bored at home,
He didn’t think it was fair on Rex
To leave him indoors alone.

Rex sat on his seat as good as gold
His eyes were glued to the screen,
He nearly laughed his socks off
At the comedy duo team.

He bit his nails in tremulous fear
When the hero was involved in a fight,
My brother held his paw and said
“Don’t worry, he’ll be all right.”

Rex jumped up and down with excitement
During the crazy car chase.
When the lovers were finally married,
You should have seen the look on his face.

When the villains received their come-uppance
Rex nearly danced with glee,
He cheered and clapped at the end of the film,
An extraordinary sight to see.

The man next to Rex said “That’s amazing,
Something you just wouldn’t credit.”
“I know,” said my brother, “I’m very surprised,
‘Cos he hated the book when he read it.”