On taking up Painting
I decided to take up painting
Id never done it before
But theres always a first time for everything
And more fun than scrubbing the floor.

I borrowed a book from the library
Full of very helpful hints,
It told me how to get bold colours
Or beautiful pastel tints.

So I bought a nice big canvas
And lots of tubes of paint,
The smell was really very strong
It made me feel quite faint

I thought Id start with a vase of flowers
It seemed a good thing to do,
For I could use all different shades
Of yellow and pink and blue.

But it wasnt as easy as Id thought
There was paint all over the place
And it didnt help when it fell off the stand
And landed flat on its face.

When I picked it up it was covered with fluff
And lots of hairs from the cat,
It really looked peculiar
And I thought Oh well, thats that.

But I decided to enter it into a show
And much to my surprise
I soon received a letter
Saying Id won the Turner Prize.