Pleasure and Pain
You have to be tough to own a pet.
They’re full of love and affection,
They’re honest, straightforward, don’t know how to cheat,
With them you’ll get no deception.

A dog loves to bound along by your side,
Will joyfully chase after sticks,
A cat sits demurely at your feet,
Looks down on such childish tricks.

A hamster, a rabbit, a parrot or gerbil,
They all give you so much pleasure,
But caring for them takes a lot of your time,
You’ll find you’re a bit short on leisure.

With food and insurance, bedding and toys,
Not forgetting the bills from the vet,
You always seem to be paying out,
But these costs will have to be met.

But then the day comes when your heart wants to break,
Your pet’s life is now at an end
Yes, you have to be tough to own a pet,
To cope with the loss of a friend.