Poem for Tony and Family

Here’s a welcome to our new vicar,
Or rather our priest-in-charge,
Few of us had seen you,
We didn’t know if you were little or large.

You’re probably feeling nervous
Thinking “Oh dear, what have I done,
Have I started something
Which now can’t be undone?”

You’re surrounded by all these strange people,
Will you ever get to know them?
You really have no cause to worry
‘Cos each is a perfect gem.

There’s Shelagh and Sheelagh and several Johns,
And Jane, Joan, Jean and Julie,
In no time at all they’ll all be your friends,
And none of them’s truly unruly.

You’ve come to a marvellous village,
With a beautiful ancient church,
We hope you’ll stay for several years,
And not leave us in the lurch.

There’s such a sense of community here,
So much love and care,
And Fernhurst’s a hive of activity,
You won’t have time to spare.

There’s the Women’s Group, Men’s Breakfast,
Minnows and Pints of View,
Bible Study and Prayer Groups,
You won’t have time to feel blue.

Do you garden, do you paint?
Or do you like to sing?
All these go on in the village,
Or maybe sport’s your thing?

Fernhurst Society and Good Companions
Have some really wonderful talks,
And the surroundings are so beautiful
To take your dogs for walks.

So we welcome the Rockey family,
With open arms and hearts,
To take your place amongst us
With the love that God imparts.

Pic for Vic