Rescued from the Storm
The wind was rising steadily
The snow beginning to fall,
I drew my chair up close to the fire,
Said Im not going out at all.
It snowed all night, it never stopped
And then began to freeze,
Some people had to be outside
But I was at my ease.

I looked out of the window
And saw my elderly neighbour
Hed decided to clear the snow from his path,
I watched for a while his labour.
Then shortly after I heard a cry,
It was my neighbour who spoke,
Ive fallen and I cant get up,
I think my leg is broke.

Wellies and woollies I quickly donned
And rushed outside to find
Him lying helpless on the path,
So straightway dialled nine nine nine.
Theres no way the ambulance can get through,
They told me on the phone,
But the helicopter will be on its way,
Make sure hes not left alone.

In no time at all help had arrived
They agreed that his leg was broke,
The medic who examined him
Was such a lovely bloke.
They laid him on a stretcher
As carefully as a fragile egg,
Then they slipped and fell on the treacherous ice
And broke his other leg.