Road Accident
An awful thing happened the other day
When I was driving along,
I hit an animal - it wasn’t my fault
But I knew that I’d done wrong.
I stopped the car, I feared the worst,
Ran back along the lane
And there lay a badly injured hare,
Its eyes were full of pain.

A police car came along just then
And stopped right by my side,
The tears were streaming down my face,
“What shall I do?” I cried.
“Don’t worry, love,” the policeman said,
“I’ll go and call a vet,
He’ll understand just what to do,
So don’t get so upset.

He’ll give the poor wee beast a shot,
You really mustn’t weep,
It’s very badly hurt you see,
He’ll just put it to sleep.”
And very soon the vet appeared,
“I’ll put this right,” he said,
“This animal may be badly hurt
But he’s very far from dead.”

He took a bottle from his bag
And by the animal kneeled,
Poured out some liquid - the hare sat up
Then bolted across the field.
Amazed I said, “What magic potion
Is in that bottle with the pourer?”
“That’s not a magic potion,” he laughed,
“It’s simply hair restorer.