Round Robin
Itís Christmas again, so hello everyone,
Hereís the usual epistle from Doris and Ron,
Itís such a long time since you heard from me last,
I canít believe that a whole year has passed,
Iíll tell you whatís happened - youíll all be aghast.

Iím sure that youíre dying to hear all the news,
If I miss anything out youíll have to excuse.
The familyís all well or maybe not quite,
ĎCos Timothy got involved in a fight,
He shouldnít have drunk so much on that night.

I had to bail him out once more
But then, of course, thatís what mothers are for.
Heís really a most delightful child,
Perhaps a little bit too wild,
But when he smiles at me Iím quite beguiled.

Iím sure you remember cousin Jane
(Sheís the one whoís married to Wayne)
She had a nasty fall downstairs,
It was those high heels she always wears,
And now the scars on her head she bears.

As usual, of course, Iíve been frightfully busy,
Doing so much for others, Iím getting quite dizzy,
How would the village manage without me?
If thereís a problem ďSee if Doris is free,
We know in the forefrontís where she likes to be.Ē

Oh yes, Uncle George had a bad time last June,
I remember it well at the full of the moon,
He lost his leg falling under a bus,
Iím sorry - I mean glad - to say heís still living with us,
I look after him well and he makes little fuss.

Jennifer shortly is going to get wed
To Augustus Frederick - known just as Fred.
His motherís a Lady in her own right,
Sheís pretty and charming but not very bright,
To boast that connection would be rather trite.

In October we bought a new 4 x 4
We find we can park it right outside our door.
The BMW had got rather passe`
We think it needed a brand new chassis,
Weíre up to date now and know that weíre classy.

Grandson Piers is only just three
But just as precocious as he can be,
He knows the alphabet off by heart,
In nursery games he takes the main part,
But with such clever parents heís got a good start.

Dear Auntie Prudence died early in May,
How peaceful she looked when in state she lay,
The funeral went off very well,
But the verger forgot to toll the bell,
Uncle Arthur told him to go to.Ö..blazes.

We went on a cruise to the Bahamas
(I think thatís where they grow the bananas)
We paid out as much as we were able,
Sufficient to sit at the Captainís table,
What a pity we had to take Aunt Mabel.

Now as itís Christmas, thereís so much to do,
So I think I shall have to say ďtoodle-ooĒ.
My time is so precious, Iím sure youíre aware,
For Christmas Day I now must prepare.
Iíll write to you all again next year
With all the news youíll be longing to hear.

Love from Doris and Ron.
Round robin