Shaggy Dog Story
A dog walked past the surgery,
A notice said “Office Help Wanted”
And being a clever sort of animal
He walked in completely undaunted.

He went over to the receptionist,
Wagged his tail and gave a small bark,
He stood in front of the notice,
In his eyes there was quite a bright spark.

The receptionist fetched the manager,
Who looked at the dog in surprise,
“So you think that you can do this job?
You’ll have to be very wise.”

“The notice says you have to type,
Can you use a computer?”
The dog typed out a perfect letter,
He’d obviously had a good tutor.

“But you have to have good computer skills,
Can you produce a spreadsheet?”
He typed one out in record time,
Very accurate and neat.

“I realise you are extremely clever,
Of your skills you can surely boast,
And much as we’d like to have you,
I’m afraid we can’t give you the post.

We need somebody bilingual,
So you we can’t allow.”
That wily old pooch looked him straight in the eye,
And hopefully said “Mee-ow?”