Sussex Holiday
I’ve just come down from Yorkshire
To stay with me sister Maud,
She says “You’ll have a grand holiday,
I’ll make sure you’ll not be bored.”

Well, first we went to Petworth House,
A grand imposing Hall,
We walked for miles through all the rooms,
Saw the deer in the park an’ all.

And then we went to Chichester,
A fine old Roman town,
When we finally got to the cathedral,
Ee, I wasn’t half glad to sit down.

“We must go down to the coast,” said Maud
Brighton’s the place to be,”
But that pebbly beach played hell with me feet,
As we tottered down to the sea.

“You’ll love the South Downs Way,” said she,
We’ll go for a walk out of doors,”
But the Downs are manicured and gentle,
Not a patch on the wild Yorkshire moors.

She decided we ought to go shopping,
To buy some souvenirs,
So we trudged for hours from shop to shop
Until I was bored to tears.

I know she’s a lovely sister
And she honestly did her best,
But, oh, I shan’t half be glad to get back home
And give me poor feet a rest.