The Compensation Game
Iím going to become so wealthy
Everybody will know my name,
Iíve discovered a new source of income,
Itís the compensation game.

I tripped on the pavement yesterday
The Council of course is to blame,
Iíll ensure theyíll bear the brunt of this,
Theyíll really be put to shame.

Iím going to sue the football club,
Last week I was watching a game
When the ball accidentally hit my leg
Itís left me really lame.

My boss put his hand on my shoulder
He set my anger aflame,
It was sexual harassment at its worst,
His crime I will declaim.

On second thoughts I donít think Iíll bother
I donít need that ugly fame,
Itís greed at its very nastiest,
My pride I would rather proclaim.