The dangers of Modernisation

Our church has gone all modern
With psychedelic pews
The vicar prances down the aisle
In robes of startling hues.

The Bible now is up-to-date
In modern language put,
It isn’t spiritual any more
The beauty is kaput.

The organ’s left to gather dust,
The choir robes unworn
They hang limply in the vestry
So pathetic and forlorn.

We have a brand new music group
With keyboard, guitars and flutes,
The drum beat’s overpowering,
A giant in seven-league boots.

Our hymnbooks are consigned to the attic
Ancient and Modern’s not modern enough,
Charles Wesley’s gone forever
It’s Graham Kendrick and all that stuff.

“We must encourage the youth” they said
“They like music with a beat,
They can stand and wave their arms about
They don’t really need a seat.”

.The trouble is they never came
“It’s boring is church” they said,
The old congregation stayed away
And now the church is dead.

Modern Vic