The Fishing Trip
The rabbi said to the priest and vicar,
Im bored and I keep wishing
That I could have a day away,
Id really like to go fishing.

Thats no problem, said the priest,
Ive a boat down on the lake,
We often go off for the day,
And you wed love to take.

The boat was moored next door to the pub
Which stood close by the shore,
They loaded up their fishing gear,
Their warmest clothes they wore.

We dont need to go out far, said the priest,
So if the weather turns bad
We can easily come back to the pub.
When the rabbi heard that he was glad.

The weather began to turn rather rough,
And the vicar said, I oughter
Go back to the shore, got out of the boat
And walked across the water.

The priest said, Yes, I think hes right,
Its getting rather rough.
He too stepped out and walked to the shore,
Of fishing Ive had enough.

The rabbi couldnt believe his eyes
For what he had seen was amazing.
Ill have to go, he said to himself,
Its no good sitting here gazing.

He got out of the boat and sank to the bottom,
Shivering down to his bones.
Dont you think, said the vicar, we should have told him
About the stepping stones?