The Flag Seller
I’ve been standing outside Tesco’s store
With my little tray of flags,
Watching the people coming out
With bulging plastic bags.

I’m not allowed to ask for cash
Can’t rattle my collecting tin,
But if I stand here long enough
Perhaps someone will put something in.

Now here’s a chap with a kindly face
He really looks quite swanky,
In his pocket he puts his hand
But just pulls out his hankie.

These two women have noticed me,
They immediately start to talk,
I hear them discussing the weather
As past me they both walk.

Occasionally someone will stop for a chat
And ask about the charity,
They’ll sympathise and give a lot,
But that is quite a rarity.

I don’t like the look of this one
She has a miserable face,
“People like you really ought to be banned
“From cluttering up the place.”

(And the same to you Mrs)

The hassled mother with two little tots
Stops by me for a minute
Gives each of them a ten pence piece,
Says “There’s the tin, put the money in it.”

“Oh thank you ma’am and thank you sir,
“We’re so grateful for your giving,
“We try to do our best for those
“Who have difficulties just living.”

This chap who’s trying to sidle past
Sneezes and turns away
Maybe he’ll find it in his heart
To contribute another day.

The OAP with purse so worn
Says “Of money I haven’t a hoard
But here’s fifty pence for you my dear,
It’s all I can afford.”

The next is dressed in designer clothes
And a very exclusive hat,
“I’m afraid I’ve only a fiver.”
Well, she could have given me that.

Have you ever felt you’re invisible
That you don’t exist at all?
When people look right through you
It makes you feel so small.

But I believe in what I’m doing
Of you lot I have no fear,
Come rain or snow or hail or sleet
I’ll be back again next year.
Flag seller