The Picnic
We decided to go for a picnic
The weather was warm and dry,
The sun was shining brightly
In a cloudless sky.

We took some rugs to sit on
And a couple of folding chairs,
A fine embroidered tablecloth
On which to spread our wares.

We’d found a sheltered corner
In the shade of an old oak tree,
We thought it was the perfect spot,
On this we did agree.

We put out all the food we’d brought,
Sandwiches and quiche,
Sausages and salad,
More than enough for each.

Packets of crisps and biscuits,
Mum’s special chocolate cake,
We all dived in to fill our plates,
As much as we could take.

“Oh look, there’s an ant,” said Linda,
“And one and two and three,
In fact a whole long column of them,
They’ve come to have their tea.”

“There’s a spider crawling up my leg,”
Said Gran, “I’ll have a heart attack.”
“Oh don’t be so daft” retorted Dad,
“Just give it a hefty whack.”

“I knew we shouldn’t have brought jam tarts,”
Said Phil, “For just see what is coming,”
A squadron of wasps was zooming down,
In warlike order, all humming.

“Help, now there’s an earwig on my skirt,”
Yelled Flossie, “I really hate those things,”
“They’re absolutely harmless,” I said,
“You know they don’t have stings.”

“But that one does,” said little Ben,
Pointing to a bee,
“Now don’t you dare harm that,” I said,
“Just leave that one to me.”

“They’re very special insects,
And worth a lot of money,
For if we were without them
Where would you get your honey?”

So if you see a bee that’s lost,
Just guide it to my hive,
I promise I’ll take care of it
And help it to survive.