The Quiz
Are your brains in good working order?
For today weíre having a quiz.
Itís been designed by Judith,
Who we know is a bit of a whizz.

The first questionís really quite easy,
Whatís the capital of Spain?
But King Henry the Eighthís third wife,
Was she an Anne or a Jane?

Something happened in 1215,
Was it William up to his tricks,
Oh no, Ďtwas the Magna Carta,
William was 1066.

In what continent is Moldova?
Which mountain is the highest Alp?
Is it Mont Blanc or the Eiger?
We need someone to give us some help.

There might well be a little trick question,
Such as who wrote Handelís Messiah?
Whoever put the answer down as Bach
Is either a joker or liar.

When it comes to soaps and sitcoms,
They really are mind-benders,
Is Dr. Oliver Cousins
In Corrie or East Enders?

To remember who played which character
In dramas is quite a job,
Who did play Mr Darcy?
Oh, you know, thingamibob.

Food and drink are just as bad,
What on earth is quark or quorn,
Iím really in a quandary,
My brain has completely gorn.

On politicians and pop groups
Iím really all at sea,
I havenít the faintest idea,
Iím as ignorant as can be.

But it doesnít really matter,
Itís just a bit of fun,
Weíre only here to enjoy ourselves
When all is said and done.

So donít be too downhearted
If the answers you donít know,
You can always put down guesses,
So go on - give it a go.