The Rivals
Two young boys at the same public school
Were always in competition,
Whatever one decided to do
The other had a different ambition.
One was in the football team,
The other one doted on cricket,
The first just wanted to score lots of goals,
The second to bowl at the wicket.

When they’d left school they went their ways,
Each to a different profession,
To the navy went one, to the church the other,
Both following their own obsession.
They worked very hard to reach the top,
To achieve their personal goals,
The sailor became an Admiral no less,
The Bishop to save many souls.

And then one day at Waterloo
They met each other by chance,
They walked along with noses high,
Just gave each other a glance.
Then the Bishop called after the Admiral
In his uniform with the gold braid,
“Excuse me porter, could you give me a hand
With my luggage, I need some aid.”
The Admiral looked at the portly Bishop
In red robes with mitre so tall,
“Do you think, madam, in your condition
You should be travelling at all?”