The Tragic Death of Robin Hood
Robin Hood lay a-dying,
He knew that his end had come,
Around him were his merry men,
Friar Tuck and Little John,
Alan A Dale and Will Scarlet,
Maid Marian so fair,
They couldn’t leave him on his own,
All his friends were there.

And then they heard poor Robin’s voice,
Faint and frail and weak,
They all leaned forward eagerly
To hear what he would speak.
“Prop me up upon my bed,
And give me my trusty bow,
The one that’s served me well for years,
And an arrow straight and true.
Then open wide the window,
Now hear my last request,
Wheresoe’r this arrow falls,
There lay me down to rest.”

With all his strength drew back the bow
And let the arrow fly,
Then collapsed upon his pillow
And prepared himself to die.
They watched in awe the arrow’s flight
To see where it would drop,
And so they buried him next day
Upon the wardrobe’s top.