The Village
It’s a lovely village is Fernhurst
With an atmosphere all of its own,
There’s something very special about it,
This place so many call home.
It’s got everything a village needs,
I’ll list them one by one,
A beautiful church, a village hall,
But sadly the petrol pump’s gone.

There’s a Post Office for OAPs
To go and collect their pension,
A newsagent and a greengrocer,
Now what else should I mention?
A thriving school, an Internet Café
The shops on the parade,
A Club and Recreation Ground
Where the Revels are arrayed.

And no-one should ever have cause to say,
“I’m bored” - “I wish” - “If only,”
There are so many groups and societies
That no-one need ever feel lonely.
There’s always a friendly and welcoming hand,
And I think I can say with impunity
I’ve never lived anywhere in my long life
With such a sense of community.

There’s only one thing missing,
And if I had a magic wand,
I’d wave it down by the village green,
So we could have ducks on a pond.