Tony's Farewell
Tony’s leaving Fernhurst parish
Leaving us for foreign parts
Thus the Bishop in his wisdom
Thought that Tony ought to go
So he’s off across the Channel
To The Hague to take up new job
Quite a challenge he will find it
But I’m sure that he won’t mind it.
            How we’ll miss him in the village
Rememb’ring all the things he’s done.
Babies baptised by the dozen
Marriages performed with skill
Taken funerals with compassion
Given comfort to the ill.
If the kids don’t come to church
Then the church will go to them
Thus was started Fish on Friday
At the school at three p.m.
               Minnows for the mums and babies
Tuesday evening Bible class
Then he started up on Wednesdays
Pints of View for one and all.
Women’s group met in the vicarage
Men had breakfast in the Hall.
Started up the Fernhurst Centre
What a blessing that has been.
Football was his relaxation
And he also loved his cricket
Two black eyes and broken nose
Standing guard behind the wicket.
                 Naomi he gave to Charlie
On their lovely wedding day
Sam became so independent
Joseph still at school did stay
Tony, Jill and Joe and Pheobe
How we’re going to miss you all
Tony will not be forgotten
For his name is on the board
Though he’s gone away and left us
To that strange place called “abroad.”
                     God go with you, peace and blessing
Whatever life may have in store
You will be in His safe keeping
Now and always, evermore.

Tony's farewell