Waving Goodbye
Iím waving goodbye to my home today
I canít hold back the tears,
My beautiful little cottage
Which Iíve lived in for seventy years.

I was just eighteen when my darling Alf
First took me there as a bride,
We never spent a day apart
Until at eighty he died.

Five children I bore in that time-worn house,
They rallied when I was alone,
But now they say Iím too old to cope
So theyíve found me a room in a Home.

They tell me that I shall like it,
Iím taking my favourite chair,
My photos and a few of my dearest treasures
Will still be around me there.

My son has taken care of the sale of the house
Itís gone through in a hurry,
So now with thousands of pounds in the bank
About money I wonít have to worry.

But Iíll say to whoever buys my home,
ďPlease treat it with love and careĒ,
My body may be miles away
But my heart will always be there.

waving goodbye