Welcome to a VIP
Fay is a very important person,
An ex mayor of Haslemere no less,
Perhaps we should have been advised
On how we were to dress.

She must have had a busy time,
With civic administration,
Being fair to everyone
With no discrimination.

Having looked up mayoral duties
I’m absolutely amazed
That one person is able to do that job
Without getting completely fazed.

Presiding at Council meetings
Welcoming foreign guests,
Opening hospital gala fetes,
Listening to urgent requests.

As well as doing that difficult job
There’s something you may not know,
That Fay is involved with the Haslemere Players
When they’re putting on a show.

She cuts out my poems from the Daily Mail
And recites them on the stage,
She’s got a great sense of humour,
And I’m certainly not enraged.

So we’re very glad Fay’s here today
To give us a super talk,
We’ll applaud very loudly at the end,
And I promise we won’t squawk.