What's your Hurry
How slowly the dawn floods the sky with light,
How slowly the stars come out at night,
How slowly an oak from an acorn grows,
How slowly a bud turns into a rose.

I’ve got a train to catch at eight,
A meeting at nine, I musn’t be late,
No time for lunch, a snack on the run,
So much to fit in before the day’s done.
The children must be picked up from school,
They’ve got to be fetched for that’s the rule.
There’s ballet and football, music and scouts,
They mustn’t turn into street-corner louts.
There’s a programme on telly I’ve just got to see,
A take-away meal ‘cos there’s no time for tea,
My mobile’s glued to my ear of course,
No wonder my husband’s threatened divorce.

Whoa! Stop! Put your foot on the brake,
You’re going through life only half-awake.
There’s beauty and peace and joy to be found,
Just open your eyes and look around.
Mother Nature works at a slow relaxed pace,
Why do you make your life such a race?
Will you say at your end as you lean on your crutch
“Forgive me, Lord, for missing so much?”