You can't have your Kayak
Two Eskimos went out one day in their kayak to catch some seals,
The skins they needed for their clothes, the flesh to make their meals,
The blubber they used for food as well and also to light their lamps,
In the middle of the Arctic winter it was pitch black in their camps.

They waited and waited and waited but no seals came along,
The tried to cheer each other up by singing a happy song.
The weather was bleak and icy cold and getting even colder,
They needed a bright inspiration before they got much older.

They clapped their hands and rubbed their feet but were slowly turning blue,
They said that theyd tried everything, there was nothing more to do.
I know, said one, we need a fire to keep ourselves from freezing,
Im getting a terrible cold in my nose and I really cant stop sneezing.

So they lit a fire in the bottom of the boat and broke off bits to feed it,
They didnt realise that very soon they were really going to need it.
As the water came in over the side they said, Weve really got to beat it,
They should have remembered the age old motto - you cant have your kayak and heat it.