Fernhurst Revels

The Fernhurst May Queen for 2018 was chosen by a panel of selectors in the Fernhurst Centre on 15 March.  Although there were only four candidates this year, it was a very close decision as all four would have been superb choices. The three who are not the Queen will be the attendants and may come back next year and try again.  The future queen is Naomi Braithwaite and the three who will be attendants are Zoe Riley, Olivia Orange,  Jasmine Brimacombe   They are now joined by heralds, flowers gatherers, crown bearers  and others for rehearsals for the big day on May 20.  Other attractions include falconry, archery, dog show, fancy dress competitions, children's races, a horde of assorted stalls and games, food, hog roast, a bar, bricabrac, silent auction, music and much much more.