Main Hall.  15.35 x 7.35 M.  This has suitable lighting for sport and is large enough to accommodate a Badminton court.  Alternatively it will seat a maximum of 120 in audience type seating, with chairs available, or about 100 for dining with tables available.  There is alternative, more discrete lighting also available, and plenty of socket outlets. An excellent sound system incorporating an induction loop system for hearing aid users is also available.
Stage. The overall size of the stage area is 7.35 x 5.4 M deep.  The acting area which is 5.0 x 4.2 M deep,  is curtained with a main proscenium curtain, a centre dividing curtain and a rear curtain.  There are also side curtains.  3 Halogen flood lights are permanently fixed to illuminate the acting area.  We are also able to supply 6 front of house lights (Par cans with gel carriers) and 2 further floods that can be mounted on a batten. These can all be controlled on a control panel  with dimmers.  A 8'-0" x 6'-0" screen is also permanently available for cinema or slide shows.  A piano can be made available if required.

Community Room.  11.0 x 4.45 M. This side room is ideal for meetings and social gatherings with adjustable lighting and a whiteboard.

This room can seat up to 60 people.

Please note that as of March 2013 the Community Room now has a  lovely new composition floor which is much more practical

Kitchen. This recently refurbished catering kitchen is fitted with a catering style cooker,  dishwasher, movable heating cabinet and a hot water urn.  There is also crockery, glasses, cutlery and kitchen pans available to serve up to 100 hot meals.

Registered Charity
No. 285882
Licensed Activities. We are now licensed for the following activities without the need for example for special event licences (TENs) obtained by our Hirers:
ernhurst village hall
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4th interior VH set up
12th Good Comp'ns
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               Production and Performance of Plays
               Indoor Sporting Events
               Provision of Facilities for Making Music
               Performance of Live Music
               Playing of Recorded Music
               Provision of Facilities for Dancing
               Performance of Dance
               Playing of Films
               Consumption of Alcohol
3rd Comm Room
8th Present'n
7th  Kitchen
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10 U3A Table Tenn's
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9th Small Comm Meet'g
Celeb'n Party 480 x 360