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The History of Fernhurst Village hall

At the end of 1907 the Rev DR Barton and others thought the time was ripe for Fernhurst to have a Village Hall. A committee was formed; the cost was going to be around 800 so fundraising began.

Mr Owen Scripps Tudor offered the site and gave a subscription of 50 and, with further donations from elsewhere, set the project in motion. Local builders were awarded a contract for 708 and Mrs Barton, the Vicar's wife opened the Hall on the 22 April 1909. In November of the same year Mr Tudor leased the land to the trustees for 1000 years. Over the years the Hall has been the focus of many village activities and has also been used as a school canteen, a doctor and dentist's surgery and the village library. Currently it houses the Parish Clerk's office and the Archive room.
Since the very early days fund raising has been important. Imaginative ways have been found to raise money, from the whist drives and dances held in the twenties through to the Fernhurst Festival, organised in 1988 in support of the Village Hall Appeal Fund. More recently the Hall has benefitted from regular coffee mornings currently held in a Trustee's home and the very popular 50-50 club. This fundraising has helped to finance many improvements

In 1923 electricity and lavatories were installed and in 1941 the kitchen was added. A new frontage, toilets and the Community room were added in 1981 and a toilet for disabled users followed in 1988.

A major 220,000 refurbishment scheme, commenced in 2002 and was completed in 2006. The generosity of many agencies, local organisations and private individuals who gave grants and donations made this possible.

Coming more up to date, in 2009 the central heating boiler was renewed and extensive improvements made to the under stage area and car park. In 2014 we also renewed all the chairs in the Hall.

From the beginning the Village Hall has been run by dedicated and energetic groups of volunteers, many of whom represent village organisations. Their commitment and hard work ensures the continuing success of this vital village amenity.