Fernhurst Table Tennis Club

Why not come along for a game? We play in the Fernhurst Village Hall most Friday nights. We can't promise any celebs but you will have a good time.

Table tennis, according to Boris Johnson, started in England with toffs batting champagne corks back and fore across the table with Cigar box lids. It was called Whiff whaff in those days.

Fernhurst Table Tennis Club
Even our "beloved" PM old Etonian David Cameron plays. Here he is at the Bolton Lads Club showing off his backhand. Maybe he started playing with champagne corks, probably not in Bolton though
Scarlett Johansen is a keen player although, sadly,  we have yet to see her turn out in the Haslemere league. We live in hope.....
"Mad" Mel Gibson is apparently very keen on the game.  David Schwimmer, Mike Myers and George Clooney are also regular table tennis players
Table tennis is now quite trendy and New York features it's own Table Tennis Night spot called SPiN which is co-owned by Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon.*
* Thanks to the Daily Telegraph for some of this information